your one-stop CARBON ACCOUNTING Solution

Calculate your entire GHG emissions with
industry-leading precision across scope 1, 2 and 3.

Compliant by design and continuously verified by our
in-house team of experts.

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why eivee?

We’re serious about trust and transparency in carbon reporting

We deliver unbeatable data quality for your company’s entire carbon footprint.

Our unique approach to carbon accounting blends technology with human expertise, so you avoid the hassle of data collection and calculations. EIVEE’s in-house experts continuously track and validate your carbon emissions, so you can manage your company’s journey towards net-zero.

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Our carbon management platform is audit-ready so you can confidently meet all demands from customers, investors, and legislators. We give you complete visibility into all data sources and carbon accounting calculations.

What does this mean for you?

  • Set your emissions baseline and account for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in a full carbon report. 
  • Continuously measure and report on your CO2 reduction progress.
  • Reimagine your business to incorporate carbon reduction into your DNA.
  • Stay fully compliant with legislation and clear of reputational risk of unintentional greenwashing
Why Now?

Carbon accounting is your licence to operate

The pressure for you to get in control of your direct and indirect emissions is increasing at exhilarating speed.

The EU is implementing the CSRD, making it mandatory to report on your GHG emissions. Banks have increased their interest rates for companies not in control of their carbon footprint. And customers increasingly demand that you can disclose your amount of carbon emissions.

This calls for a data-driven, measurable and rigorous approach to carbon emission accounting that has enough integrity to be climate audited.

And if you don’t start doing something now, you’ll fall behind.

Get a validated carbon accounting baseline approved for external reporting, track progression, get pinpointed reduction opportunities and differentiate yourself in climate performance - before your competitors do.

Who are we?


We firmly believe that real transparency and valuable insights in carbon accounting can only be achieved by combining tech with industry-leading human knowledge.

That’s why EIVEE is founded by specialists with a unique combination of Carbon Accounting, Climate, Procurement, Tech, and Tier 1 consultancy expertise.

Coming from a corporate background, we combine professionalism and A+ quality with profound expertise and domain knowledge, elevated through our start-up identity, our shared passion, and a heart for innovation and inclusion.

With EIVEE, you’re not only buying a carbon accounting tech platform, you buy access to top-tier industry knowledge.

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EIVEE possess in-depth knowledge and experience within procurement which is apparent in their ability to understand and challenge our situation and approach in Falck."
A profile picture of Peter Kannov, Head of Group Procurement at Falck
Peter Kannov
Head of Group Procurement, Falck
How do we do it?

Our approach to high-quality carbon accounting

You need to know what you’re buying, to know what you’re emitting.

That’s why our carbon accounting solution is based on your external spend. Knowing what you buy is key to generating trustworthy insights into your CO2 emissions, especially from your supply chain.

By extracting procurement data that already exists in your company, we can get going immediately. We cleanse and categorise that data into one source of truth and link it to emission factors from leading environmental databases.

This creates a carbon report that’s updated and fully validated on an ongoing basis, which we continuously enrich with activity-based and supplier input data.