March 8, 2024

Danske Bank to make climate reporting easier for its business customers through exclusive partnership with EIVEE

Danske Bank x EIVEE

Many companies are currently working intensively to comply with the EU’s forthcoming sustainability requirements. The upcoming legislation namely affects not only large, listed companies but also their subcontractors, who will face increased sustainability data requirements from their customers.

Danske Bank has therefore entered a partnership with EIVEE, who will help the bank’s business customers by making climate reporting easier.

"Our experience is that the increased requirements on sustainability reporting are putting substantial pressure on many of our customers. Obtaining an overview of a business’s overall carbon footprint is no easy task, which is why we have entered into a partnership with EIVEE, who can help our customers with both the collection and reporting of CO2 data," explains Niels-Bang Hansen, Danske Bank’s Head of Business Customers in Danmark.

Partnership Overview

EIVEE helps companies by providing an overview of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. This is done by collecting, cleansing and categorising data from relevant data sources in the business that is then used to make very accurate calculations all the way down to product level.

"EIVEE’s platform can thus provide businesses with an overview of where their CO2 emissions stem from, and also where businesses can reduce their footprint – knowledge that can be used to implement specific initiatives.“Our platform provides full transparency on all data sources and calculations. That ensures a high degree of credibility and accuracy, which is the key when ESG data in the future is placed on an equal footing with a business’s financial figures. Businesses can therefore feel secure about sharing their carbon accounts from our platform with customers, investors, authorities and other important stakeholders,” explains Peter Schack, CEO, EIVEE.

Financing of CO2 reductions

As part of the partnership agreement, Danske Bank is offering its business customers EIVEE’s solution at favourable prices and terms. Furthermore, Danske Bank is ready to look into the financing of the CO2-reducing projects that EIVEE’s solution identifies.

The work of helping our customers with their green transition plays a major role at Danske Bank. All our business advisors have recently completed an ESG training programme, so we are now ready to be a sparring partner and to help with financing when our customers want to take their next step in a more sustainable direction,” explains Niels Bang-Hansen.

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